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The LOWE 9.104 shears are a classic bypass pruning shear. With blades which pass by one another, bypass pruning shears produce a clean and gentle cut. They are especially suited to more exacting tasks and to sensitive or fibrous plants, which do not require as much cutting force. Designed for use in horticulture, fruit growing, forestry, and viticulture; these pruners can be used right handed only, for cutting any kind of wood with plastic grips and easily adjustable handles to suit any hand size. It was the LOWE 1 which made the Original LOWE brand and the anvil principle (a drawing cut against a fixed base plate) world famous. Original LOWE pruners are designed, produced and assembled in Germany to the highest standards with a unique hardening process giving the blades an unrivalled hardness and the latest CNC grinding machines, ensuring an outstanding sharp cutting edge. Length: 21cm Weight: 230g Cutting Capacity: 22mm (⅞") Spare parts available for all LOWE pruners.

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