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This great torch offers the best of both worlds with the choice of a Krypton spot or an LED flood beam. This makes it very versatile and can be used in many situations. The Krypton bulb mode provides a bright spot beam lasting up to 5 hours, while switching to the energy efficient LED function can provide a bright flood beam for over 100 hours. LEDs also have the added advantage of an 80,000 hour life cycle and will never need replacing during the life of the torch. Each torch has a high quality machined aluminium casing with an anodised finish for corrosion protection, that is both water and impact resistant. Fitted with wrist strap for added safety. Requires 2 x C cell batteries. Features: Machined casing. 80,000 hour LED bulb life. Anodized aluminium. Extra bright reflector. Batteries not included. Mode 1 - Super Bright Krypton bulb Mode 2 - Super Economy 6 LEDs.
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