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Gorilla Tubs are flexible, which is the key to the millions of jobs they can perform. The Gorilla Tub has super-strong handles, is highly flexible, is both UV and frost proof (so won’t degrade in sunlight or frost) and comes in five different sizes – suitable for any gardener. They can be used in so many ways (there are almost too many to count), but here are a few: bucket, pourer, scooper, store for tools and other gardening paraphernalia, for watering plants, spray mixer, pan for sweeping into, weed carrier, basket for cut flowers, manure/compost collector or carrier, compost mixer, stone/gravel carrier, recycling tub and for carrying rubble. Supplied in a ‘Brilliant Yellow’ that will bring cheer to even the darkest English Summer! Infinitely Versatile. Super Flexible. Frostproof. UV Sunlight Proof. Handles CE Tested. Re-inforced in key areas for durability. Ribbed profile for strength. Size: 35Litre

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