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Plant Theft

Plant Theft

The theft of plants is a gardening topic which is seldom discussed - even though it seems to be on the increase in the UK. In previous generations plants were freely harvested from fields and woodlands, often seriously jeopardising our native stock. However, it appears that modern horticultural thieves are targeting plants in gardens as well as in nurseries and from important collections.

Recent news of the theft from Kew gardens of a tiny and very rare Rwandan water lily Nymphaea Thermarum from a conservatory has brought worldwide coverage for this issue. Although Richmond CID are working on this case and we hope they will find this important plant, it is not just rare plants that are stolen to order by collectors. A casual glance at any local newspaper will reveal that potted and newly planted box, bamboo and bay trees as well as bonsai are often stolen from outside homes and businesses.

So if you have valuable plants outside your house or premises, why not take a few precautions? Anchoring or bolting pots to the ground will often prevent opportunistic theives as will using wire to secure new plants in place. If you need some other ideas about how to protect your plants, pots and other garden items from theft visit here.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 By Dominic Elsom News

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