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New Pruning Saw

New Pruning Saw

Quality Garden Tools have just taken delivery of a brand new folding pruning saw from our friends at Silky Saws.

The Silky Ultra Accel folding pruning saw has a 240mm curved blade which means that the teeth stay in contact with the branch for longer, reducing cutting time. The large teeth (7.5 teeth per 30mm) are very sharp and are perfect for pruning trees, shrubs and hedges.

A lightweight aluminum chassis makes the saw easier to use over longer periods and the rubberized handle is comfortable and easy to hold. The Ultra Accel is suitable for both professional and keen amateur users.

So if you’ve been let down by inferior saws or just want to upgrade your current Silky Saw, why not invest in a great new pruning saw for 2014. You can see full details here.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014 By Dominic Elsom News

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