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Hard Graft

Hard Graft

Last week it was announced in the press that nursery staff had successfully created the ‘TomTato’ - yielding both tomatoes and a potato crop from the same plant.

This week the Quality Garden Tools team were amazed to see that another incredible ‘Fankenplant’ has been created by Sussex horticulturist Paul Barnett who has grafted 250 varieties of apple all to the same tree!

The (confused) tree, which is situated in Mr Barnett’s back garden in Chichester, West Sussex features varieties like Golden Delicious, Wadhurst Pippin, Ross Nonpareil and Brownlees Russet to name just a few.

Mr Barnett achieved this great feat by using both grafting and budding techniques to add new varieties to his exsisting apple tree every Summer and Winter.

If you’re feeling ‘green fingered’ and would like to try either budding or grafting, you can find all the horticultural knives you’ll need here.

Friday, October 04, 2013 By Dominic Elsom News

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