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Great Rakes

Great Rakes

This week has seen Autumn arrive in he UK with high winds and storms lashing our homes and gardens. For many of us this means that we now have a carpet of fallen leaves littering our gardens.

If you rake your leaves yourself then if is worth investing in a good leaf rake that is not only light in weight for use over prolonged periods, but is also fitted with plastic or rubber tines that will not damage your beds, borders, lawn, patio or driveway like a metal rake will.

Here at Quality Garden Tools we can supply traditional plastic fan style leaf rakes like Bulldog’s Evergreen Plastic Leaf Rake which is light and maneuverable and we also stock popular Wizard and Merlin rubber tined rakes which ‘sweep’ leaves up quickly and easily and never damage the surface below.

If you need a rake or any other garden tools, we are always happy to help.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 By Dominic Elsom News

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