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Black & Yellow

Black & Yellow

The weather for most of the UK has been glorious for the last couple of weeks (apologies if you live in one of the areas that have had rain). Many of us have used this time to enjoy our gardens, however sometimes paths and patios can look a little tired and dirty after the long Winter months.

Kärcher’s new range of pressure washers with water cooled motors can have your patio, driveway, path, decking and even your car gleaming in no time. You will be very pleased to know that I have already used my new Kärcher K5700 pressure washer to clean the small terrace outside the back of my house and so can offer advice to anyone considering buying a pressure washer.

First thing to consider is how often you will need to use your pressure washer. If you intend to use it every week for a few hours, then buy the best machine you can afford. This will ensure that with prolonged use your motor will not fail you and continue to deliver power for years to come.

Also consider what ‘extras’ you want and whether these are included in the price. My pressure washer package included the powerful Dirtblaster lance as well as a patio and decking cleaner, but if you are looking for a pressure washer with everything then I can recommend the Kärcher K3575 Jubilee pressure washer which includes a T250 T-racer patio cleaner, a wash brush, Dirtblaster lance, extension lance and even some universal detergent to get you going!

The two lances provided with each machine are very easy to understand; a vario lance which can reduce pressure for use on your car’s paintwork or conservatory windows and the famous Dirtblaster lance which does exactly what it says and blasts dirt from any surface.

To connect your pressure washer, simply join it to your outside tap with a standard hose connector and plug it into a normal power socket. Also, I have read much about the water wasted when using pressure washers, however Kärcher reliably inform me that their machines can save up to 80% of the water used when using a standard hose to clean.

The last thing to add to this is that using a pressure washer is fun! I really enjoyed cleaning my paving stones, the lance is a little bit like a water pistol(!) and the water sprays everywhere (when not using the patio cleaner attachment) - what’s not to like? These garden tools also let you immediately see the difference between the area you have cleaned and the dirty area.

So this year invest in the black and yellow - go Kärcher!

You can see the Kärcher range here: www.qualitygardentools.com/power-tools/pressure-washers/viewcategory

Monday, May 02, 2011 By Dominic Elsom News

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