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A Rake's Progress

A Rake's Progress

Of all the products we sell at Quality Garden Tools, the rake is the one we get most orders for and enquiries about. I think that this is probably because the rake is used for so many different tasks and is used everywhere from the largest estates to the smallest garden.

Rakes fall into three main categories:

  1. Garden rakes with short stiff tines mainly designed for tilling the soil, breaking up lumps of earth and sifting out stones.
  2. Spring tine rakes with longer, slightly flexible wire tines. Although often confused with a leaf rake, this rake should be used for scarifying lawns by removing moss and thatch from the lawn.
  3. Leaf rakes are often similar in design to the spring tine rakes, but with thicker, flat tines (often plastic) to ensure leaves are not ‘skewered’. These rakes also tend to be lighter than other rakes to aid repetitive use.

As I often explain to callers there is no one rake that will perform all tasks to a satisfactory level. The spring tine rakes are often used as an ‘all round’ rake, but the tines tend to bend out of shape if used on bare soil and spear too many leaves if used as a leaf rake.

There are two very interesting variants on the three main categories of rake. The first is the rubber tined rakes of which by far the best are the Bulldog Wizard and Merlin. The Bulldog rakes both have short, flexible rubber tines allowing the user to sweep up leaves on driveways, patios, lawns, decking or borders without damaging the surface beneath the leaves in any way. The Bulldog Wizard has a 20" head and the Merlin a 10" head which is particularly good for getting between shrubs and plants in borders. The second variants are once again Bulldog products and are found in their Switch & Reach range. The 3 miniature versions of the bigger rakes are perfect for work in borders, rockeries and other confined spaces and were recently recommended by Helen Yemm in her ‘Thorny Problems’ column in The Daily Telegraph.

Our rakes can be found at: www.qualitygardentools.com/hand-tools/rakes/viewcategory

Friday, March 14, 2008 By Dominic Elsom News

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