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My Garden

My Garden
Posted on 15/06/12 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Over the last few weeks Quality Garden Tools have had a number of requests on this blog (and also on their Facebook page) for me to show my own garden. I fully understand that when you spend your life writing about garden tools, gardening and any other topics of a horticultural nature, readers will naturally be curious about your own efforts 'au jardin'.

Despite a number of reservations about this (mostly about the chaotic nature of my garden!), I decided to comply - it's nice to show followers something other than garden tools for a change! The timing seemed good - I have just completed a new area of planting and some feedback might allow me to improve it! However, my love of foliage and form rather than bright, colourful flowers may mean the garden feels too masculine for some.

The garden is narrow and surrounded on most sides by hedges and walls and spends about 23 hours each day with no direct sunlight. I designed it to be a modern hommage to a Victorian gothic garden with some plants and planting ideas stolen from Japanese gardening. Its basis is a collection of Hostas, Ferns, Acers, Hardy Geraniums, Box, Camellias and a couple of Heathers (which were a memorial to a friend and I didn't want to remove).

Because these plants were almost all planted this year, there are some unsightly patches of empty soil showing through which (I hope!) will have disappeared by next year when everything has 'bulked up' a bit. It is also worth saying that most of these plants enjoy a 'dampish' environment which you will not be surprised to hear hasn't been a problem this year!

To see the photos please click here.

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