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What a Snip!

What a Snip!
Posted on 19/05/09 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

I wrote some weeks ago about a few of my favourite garden tools and today I am following this by writing about the UK’s best selling garden tools – secateurs.

Secateurs now come with a variety of new and traditional features including: soft grips, bypass blades, ratchet actions, revolving handles, non-stick blades, geared cutting, anvil blades, etc. However, I think the two most important features other than quality are size and weight. It is amazing how often ladies write to me saying that their hands get very tired when pruning, only to find out they are using a very large pair of heavy secateurs – often not knowing that the same brand make a smaller size.

A very good example of this are the Felco No.8 Secateurs which are often bought by smaller ladies who are then disappointed with the hand and wrist pain they experience when pruning over long periods, when the smaller and lighter Felco No.6 secateurs are very similar and would be much better for smaller hands.

Many Quality Garden Tools customers use anvil bladed secateurs which traditionally were used on dead or dry wood, but although a number of years ago these were much stronger than bypass blades, this is no longer the case.

My favourites are Bahco’s P122 Hi-Tech professional secateurs which are very light, but with very strong blades that are favoured by orchard workers on the continent. They are available in two sizes and have replacement parts.

Felco are the UK’s most famous secateurs brand and with many television garden presenters using them they have developed a well earned reputation for quality. One of Felco’s major selling points is that not only can you obtain spare parts for your secateurs, but by calling Felco’s UK agents you can arrange for them to be refurbished.

Remember to keep your secateurs sharp and clean and they will repay you by giving clean disease-free cuts for years and years – what a snip!

To contact Burton McCall (Felco’s UK agents) for refurbishment call: 0116 234 4611

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