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Hoze me Down!

Hoze me Down!
Posted on 21/03/09 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

One of my major concerns when it comes to gardening is not unduly hurting the environment. I am not an organic gardener, but I do try as much as possible to reduce any negative environmental impact I may cause.

The process of making garden hose is not environmentally friendly, which is why Quality Garden Tools are always looking to source the ‘greenest’ hose possible.

For many years we have sold Rehau watering products, which are Cadmium, Barium and Lead free, but also have reinforced hose walls and an abrasion resistant skin to stop precious water leaking away through leakage. Rehau also have a range of hard wearing brass fittings which are very long lasting and fit with other hose systems.

A number of customers have asked us in the past if we would add Hozelock products to our range – this year Quality Garden Tools have obliged and customers can now buy products from the biggest name in hoses.

The reason for this is mainly environmental. Hozelock have removed Cadmium, Barium and Lead from their hoses. They have tried with some success to reduce packaging from their products and also harvest and reuse the water at their factory sites. They have also committed to a reduction of 30% for carbon emissions from their factories by 2011.

Hozelock’s range includes great sprinklers, spray guns, hoses, fittings, reels, storage, automatic watering and hand sprays all at a discount. The popular size for fitting is still ½" and therefore fits with almost every other brand of hose on the market, this means you can mix and match your favourite hose, spray gun and reel without losing any system performance.

My advice would always be to select a spray gun with variable spray patterns. This will allow you to undertake a number of different tasks in the garden and around the house. When watering plants always water at the base of the plant not at the top and use a soft spray so you don’t remove soil from around the roots or damage stems.

With all this warm weather we are having, I am off to hose myself down!

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