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Any Kärcher as Long as it’s Yellow!

Any Kärcher as Long as it’s Yellow!
Posted on 14/10/08 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

At Quality Garden Tools we spend most of our professional lives trying to make gardening easier. Gardening tools are very often useful, but hardly ever fun – until now!

We have stocked the ubiquitous black and yellow Kärcher pressure washers since 2005 and over that period of time have introduced many of our customers to the brand.

The Kärcher range has long offered a machine for any cleaning job, but now offers a pressure washer particularly designed for use in the garden. The 675MB+ is a great new machine that offers lots of features particularly useful for your outdoor and garden cleaning needs. The machine features a powerful 2500watt motor that generates an eye-watering maximum pressure of 135bar at 530 litres per hour, strong enough to clean heavily soiled surfaces like patios and driveways.

Like most of our Kärcher pressure washers the 675MB+ comes with a large array of accessories including:
• 9m high pressure hose
• 10m retractable garden hose & reel
• Low-pressure trigger gun
• T 200 patio & decking cleaner
• Vario lance
• Dirtblaster lance
• Washing brush
• Integrated fine mesh water filter
• Auto start/stop facility

When I used this machine, I was particularly impressed with the drum style design which makes moving this pressure washer around the uneven surfaces of the garden much easier than conventional pressure washers which can be a bit top heavy. The fact that all the accessories fix onto the cart also makes life easier as everything you need is always within close reach. The Kärcher 675MB+ also made light work of cleaning my driveway, patio, paved paths and garden furniture – I was having so much fun I even gave the conservatory a quick clean!

This is a really, really useful machine for any gardener, not only is it tough and functional, but also uses much less water than a traditional garden hose kit. What’s more it’s available in any colour – as long as it’s yellow!

See the Kärcher 675MB+ pressure washer at:

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