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Rare Felco Anvil Secateurs

Rare Felco Anvil Secateurs
Posted on 15/04/11 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Every now and then I am really surprised by my lords and masters at Quality Garden Tools. Just such an occasion happened this week when I was given a pair of Felco 31 anvil secateurs to try out. The reason for my shock was not that I was asked to test a garden tool (that happens all too frequently), but that I have never seen these particular Felco secateurs before.

Up until now, UK customers who wanted to use anvil secateurs (a traditional design for secateurs, often favoured for dry or dead wood) could not buy them in the Felco brand. I am told by the Quality Garden Tools sales office that they often get enquiries for Felco anvil secateurs, but until now have been unable to supply them.

Felco secateurs have long been amongst my favourite garden tools and are treasured by professional and amateur gardeners alike. Félix Flisch designed the first pair of forged aluminium pruning shears in 1945 and Felco have been manufacturing pruning tools ever since. Felco's factory is located in the heart of the Swiss Jura and employs over 140 people, exporting to 100 countries worldwide and with sales of over £28 million.

The new secateurs have a cutting blade that is bevelled on both sides for easy, clean cutting and is thicker than a bypass blade, so is particularly suited to cutting older wood. The adjustable brass anvil blade is coated in non-stick Xylan which makes cleaning easier and can be repositioned to line up with the cutting blade. The handles are forged from robust aluminium alloy, covered in a non-slip grip and are ergonomically shaped for ease of use.

I must admit that testing these secateurs was great fun, there are now a few old shrubs in my garden which look as if they've had a run in with the barber (and lost!). The handles were comfortable and if you're used to using Felco secateurs normally you will feel right at home. The blade cut through everything I tried: roses, bay trees, Forsythia, conifers and Pyracantha, all with ease. One thing's for sure, I'm keeping these great secateurs and adding them to my collection! A must have for anyone who favours anvil secateurs and wants the very best available.

You can see these secateurs here:

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