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The 10 Garden Tools You Can't Live Without!

The 10 Garden Tools You Can't Live Without!
Posted on 27/03/11 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

After my last posting (an introspective and slightly insane rant) I thought I would return to the relative safe territory of garden tools!

Many of you will have looked inside your shed or garage recently after a long Winter only to find a disorganised, blunt, rusty and broken pile of garden tools that you can 'get by' with, but will not make the task of the Spring tidy up any easier.

I am therefore recommending those tools which I think are the 'bare minimum' essentials for any gardener:

  1. Trowel - The Spear & Jackson stainless steel Neverbend hand trowel is a nicely balanced and robust trowel that cuts through the soil easily and minimises soil adhesion.
  2. Spade - Bulldog's Premier border spade has a slightly smaller head than a normal digging spade, but is perfect for digging planting holes and is not too heavy when used over longer periods.
  3. Fork - The Bulldog Premier digging fork is a tough, heavy duty tool perfect for levelling and breaking up soil and unlike cheaper forks the prongs won't bend or break.
  4. Hoe - The Fiskars stainless steel Swoe is very easy to manoeuvre around beds and borders due to its light weight. The angled head allows the user to reach around the back of flowers and shrubs in tight corners of the garden.
  5. Rake - Bulldog's Premier Springbok rake is a tool which no gardener should do without. Perfect for scarifying the lawn, this rake removes moss and dead thatch and can be used for leaves if nothing else is around.
  6. Secateurs - Felco's secateurs are beloved by both professional and amateur gardeners alike. I like the Felco original model no.2 which I have used for about fifteen years without any problems.
  7. Hedge shears - Bahco's professional P51 hedge shears are one of my favourite all time garden tools. They are tough, sharp and very strong, keeping even the most unruly hedges in check.
  8. Saw - The Silky Gomtaro saw will keep trees and large shrubs under control and in great shape. This Japanese pruning saw is razor sharp and cutting on the pull stroke, cuts in ultra quick time.
  9. Wheelbarrow - A Haemmerlin 3200G wheelbarrow is unbeatable for transport in the garden. It has a 110 litre tray, epoxy coated frame, tipping bar and a special design to allow you to carry tools around the garden.
  10. Lawnmower - The Bosch Rotak 36volt cordless lawnmower comes with two rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and has a 43cm width of cut and a grass box capacity of 50 litres. A very green alternative to petrol!

The tools I have selected are definitely not cheap, however  although they will set you back about £785 in total (£370 if you can do without the lawnmower) they are pretty good value if you think that they should all still be going strong in ten years time.

To this list I could easily add: weeding fork, edging shears, loppers, gloves, horticultural knife, leaf rake, Gorilla tub, watering can and garden twine, but I wanted to be strict and try to stick to just ten!

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