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If I had a Haemmerlin

If I had a Haemmerlin
Posted on 15/05/08 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Haemmerlin wheelbarrows are one of the best brands we offer at Quality Garden Tools. They are big, tough and handle the worst conditions your garden can throw at them.

When we first started our company we did not supply wheelbarrows of any kind, but it soon became apparent that the wheelbarrow was a perfect candidate for mail order supply; it is a really bulky item that suits being delivered in a van, rather than balancing on your roof rack!

We chose Haemmerlin wheelbarrows because they have a great history of quality products. Georges Haemmerlin made his first wheelbarrow in 1895 and they have not looked back since – the factory now occupies 45,000 sq. metres. The wheelbarrows are primarily still made on their original principles, a thick metal tray and strong tubular steel frame with a single or twin wheel. However, we can now offer customers strong polypro trays as well as steel, pneumatic wheels as well as solid ones and tipping bars to help support the tray with heavy loads.

Haemmerlin wheelbarrows have never been cheap, their forte is not fast delivery or presentation, but their wheelbarrows are second to none in terms of quality and are very tough, in no small part due to their galvanised or epoxy coated frames and trays.

The Quality Garden Tools team are constantly working with Haemmerlin to improve their customer services and the speed at which they deliver (which can be longer than our other items). We now offer a comprehensive range of spare parts and despite the ridiculously high costs of delivery of wheelbarrows we still only charge a £5.00 supplement to our customers.

I bought a 5200G Haemmerlin Pick Up about three months ago and it is easily the best wheelbarrow I have ever owned. There are no fixings in the tray, it has a tipping bar, comfortable handles and the tray is designed to carry garden tools without them falling off. A great wheelbarrow that will last for years!

The Haemmerlin 5200G Pick Up Wheelbarrow can be found at:

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