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I’ll Rake the High Road

I’ll Rake the High Road

It is the time of year again to get raking! Many of us have already started the tedious job of raking the fallen leaves from our trees, but with each passing Autumn it seems to become harder and harder.

I have many theories about why, after having collected all the fallen leaves from your Chestnut tree, your Maple tree decides that this is the perfect time to shed its own leaves! However, life can become a lot easier if you have the right rake for the job and even the help of a powered leafblower.

There are two main types of rake that are best suited for raking and collecting leaves. The first type is the lightweight plastic leaf rake which is both popular and cheap. This should not be confused with a spring tine rake which will annoyingly ‘spear’ most of the leaves! The second type is a rubber fingered rake like Bulldog’s famous Wizard rake which will ‘sweep’ up leaves, but not damage your lawn and can be used on paths, driveways and borders – a really great gardening tool.

If raking up leaves bores you rigid (you are not alone), then please consider the powered leafblower option. Leafblowers are available in many shapes and sizes with either electric motors or petrol engines. Many of the leafblowers, particularly the electric corded type also offer a vacuum option, to make life even easier. Many customers complain to us that their neighbours use a leafblower to blow leaves into their driveway or into their gardens. This is not the proper use for a leafblower, which when used properly should blow the leaves into a pile for collection.

Please also remember that leaf mould is one of the best composts available, and whilst it takes a while for leaves to break down – it is mulch worth waiting for! Vacuum leafblowers will often mulch leaves down to 10% of their volume accelerating the composting process.

I hope that this advice will mean your Autumn leaf debris will be a bit less back (b)raking than usual (sorry for the pun)!

Leaf & Wizard rakes can be found at: www.qualitygardentools.com/hand-tools/rakes/viewcategory and all our leafblowers are at: http://www.qualitygardentools.com/power-tools/leafblowers/viewcategory

Tuesday, November 04, 2008 By Dominic Elsom News

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