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Christine's Corner

Christine's Corner

Quality Garden Tools was founded to bring branded gardening tools to keen and professional gardeners throughout the country. However, we also wanted to give interesting gardening hints and tips to all of our customers. With this in mind we looked for a ‘gardening guru’ who was as passionate about horticulture as we were about garden tools.

One early evening I found myself tuned into a BBC2 programme called ‘Christine’s Garden’ and was stunned by the presenter’s enthusiasm not only for her own garden, but for all things horticultural. I immediately thought that Christine Walkden would be the perfect writer for the www.qualitygardentools.com website and she was kind enough to accept our offer!

Christine is an absolute breath of fresh air in a gardening industry that can sometimes appear a bit snobbish and unapproachable. She is happy to talk to window box owners as well as advise on garden projects for large estates.

Christine has had a great background in the industry as well as an exciting television career. She started at the Lancashire College of Agriculture going on to work for The Royal Botanic Gardens at Wakehurst Place. Later she went back to college at Pershore and Writtle College before becoming a lecturer in Horticulture at Capel Manor. She has worked for both the Baby Bio company and Dobies, Carter, Cuthbert & Dom seedsmen. Her books include: ‘A year in Christine's garden - The secret diary of a garden lover’ and ‘The Houseplant Almanac’ and she has written and writes for a number of gardening magazines. Christine became more famous when the programme about her garden ‘Christine’s Garden’ was shown on BBC2, a second series was shown in the Spring of 2007 and she now presents for BBC1’s ‘The One Show’ and Channel 4’s ‘The Paul O’Grady Show’.

As well as being a star, Christine is a lovely person who is happy to give advice to all. We know how lucky we are to have her at Quality Garden Tools and look forward to seeing her inspire, educate and come to love gardening, as she undoubtedly does.

Check out Christine’s Corner helpful hints at: www.qualitygardentools.com/articles

Monday, September 29, 2008 By Dominic Elsom News

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