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A Few of my Favourite Things

A Few of my Favourite Things

I am often asked to recommend garden tools to Quality Garden Tools customers, blog readers, friends and relatives. They often ask ‘What do you use?’ or ‘What’s the best?’ So I have decided to use this blog to list a few favourites.

Over the coming months I may add some more specialised lists, but I think that the following are probably my ultimate garden tools ‘Top 5’.

1. Tina 605 Grafting and General Purpose Horticultural Knife. A great knife which I keep in my pocket all the time. The Tina knife is still made pretty much by hand with a walnut handle and hand forged blade. Great for loads of jobs in the garden. See this knife at: www.qualitygardentools.com/hand-tools/horticultural-knives/tina-horticultural-knives/id-TINA-L2774/view
2. Silky Zübat Pruning Saw. Watch your fingers if you have never used a Silky Saw before! This razor sharp Japanese saw works on the pull stroke and comes equipped with sheath. The hardened teeth and rubber handle make this both an effective and comfortable garden tool to use. The Silky Zübat can be seen at: www.qualitygardentools.com/hand-tools/saws/silky-saws/silky-fixed-blade-saws/id-SILKY-270/30/view
3. Felco Special Edition Model 8 Secateurs. Secateurs are the garden tools that no serious gardener can do without and these Felco Special Editions are the best of the best. Built to the famous high standards of all Felco secateurs they also come with anodised heads, brown leather handles and a leather pouch to keep them in. This is luxury gardening at its best! The secateurs are at: www.qualitygardentools.com/hand-tools/secateurs/felco-secateurs/id-FELCO8SE/view - Limited stocks only!
4. Bulldog 9149N Wizard Lawn Rake. This rake is loved by gardeners all over the world and is one of the most popular gardening tools that Quality Garden Tools sell. The rake is equipped with a 20" head loaded with rubber tines that can rake up leaves on most surfaces including lawns, paths, patios, driveways and decking. The best thing about the Bulldog Wizard rake is that it doesn’t damage the lawn. See it at: www.qualitygardentools.com/hand-tools/rakes/wizard-and-merlin-rakes/id-BUL-9149N/view
5. Bahco P51 Professional Hedge Shears. If like me you prefer to cut your hedges and topiary by hand, then you can’t do better than these professional quality shears. The blades are hollow ground, heavy duty steel aligned for accurate, clean cuts and the rubber buffers prevent jarring during use. These shears are the best we’ve seen. See them for yourselves at: www.qualitygardentools.com/hand-tools/hedge-and-hand-shears/hedge-shears/id-SANP51/view

All of the above are available at a discount to rrp on: www.qualitygardentools.com

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 By Dominic Elsom News

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