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Try to Find a Happy Media

Try to Find a Happy Media
Posted on 10/02/10 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Last week the cream of British gardening media descended on the RHS Lawrence Hall in Vincent Square, London to hear about which garden tools, plants, accessories, machinery, seeds and other horticultural sundries would be ‘on trend’ in 2010.

The Garden Media Guild ‘Press Event’ is always a warm and friendly event (despite tons of snow for the last 2 years!), with much catching up, back slapping and general industry ‘chat’. Many of the attendees are ‘serious’ gardeners themselves and demonstrated this by wearing woolly hand-knitted angora jumpers, tousled twig-laden hair, muddied designer wellies and other items of ‘gardener’s chic’.

The ‘form’ is that manufacturers and suppliers line the impressive art-deco hall and wait, ready to pounce on the unwitting journalists walking around. Many of the exhibitors are well known names like Unwins Seeds, Bulldog Tools, Hilliers, Fiskars, Bosch Garden Tools, Haddonstone, Avon Bulbs and many more – all keen to show off new and exciting products.

This year I managed to meet up with many of ‘the great and the good’ of British gardening journalism, including the lovely Christine Walkden who is currently starring in ‘an evening with Christine Walkden’ touring theatres around the country. For details of venues and ticket availability please click here. Lila Das Gupta (a star) was also at the event; enthusiastic and knowledgeable about everything and loved by all (including me!). I also bumped into Adam Pascoe (a seriously nice guy) who is editor of Gardener’s World magazine, Helen Yemm (Telegraph), Cinead McTernan (The English Garden) and saw the fabulous Pippa Greenwood in the distance (running away?!) as I left.

Many of you will not be surprised to find out that the main trend in garden products for 2010 is ‘Grow Your Own’ and companies will continue to cash in on the phenomenon sweeping the country. I spotted loads of new varieties of vegetable seeds, and interesting planting containers along with new fertilizers and composts aimed at this sector of the market.

With a free lunch for all, the Garden Media Guild ‘Press Event’ was a guaranteed success – no problem finding a happy media!

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