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The World's Largest Spade

The World's Largest Spade
Posted on 05/02/10 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Many of us struggle with standard length garden tools and have found the increase in long handled tools a welcome development to the industry. Bulldog however have taken this trend a little too far and built a spade that measures 3.61 metres/11 feet 8 inches. Obviously the spade is not designed for human use (unless you happen to be a giant!), but was built to raise money for charity.

The spade has been awarded a ‘Guinness World Record’ for being the world’s biggest spade and weighs in at 180kg. It beats the previous world record holder by over 1½ feet and marks Bulldog’s 230th anniversary for British manufacturing. On display for the first time yesterday at the Garden Media Guild press event in London the spade was greeted with amazement by the country’s gardening media personalities (including me!).

Over the coming year the world's largest spade will travel around the country and appear at various horticultural venues such as the Chelsea Flower Show, the Eden Project, Hampton Court and the RHS gardens at Wisley. Fred Foot marketing manager for Bulldog Tools told me that he ‘hopes that this feat of British manufacturing will raise many thousands of pounds for charities in the UK.’

As everyone who reads this blog regularly will know, I like to call a spade a spade – but this really is a very big spade indeed!

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