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What's Hot!

What's Hot!
Posted on 19/01/10 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Competitions, marks out of 10 and public votes seem to have become the (unsavoury) flavour of the televisual decade. Simon Cowell seems to have gone from a man who wore his trousers higher than your grandfather to a 21st century cultural Mao, whose opinion is valued above any politician and whose image is all-pervading. In this blog posting I hope my comments will be a little kinder and less judgemental than those we have come to expect from Mr. Cowell!

Each year readers of this blog ask me which garden tools and accessories are the bestsellers at Quality Garden Tools. So, ever the people’s servant, I have managed to get hold of the ‘Hot List’ for 2009.

Quality Garden Tools have told me that this Top 10 list has been ‘averaged’ to take into account both bestsellers in volume and in sales value. Many of the tools have been previously recommended not only on my blog, but also on other websites and blogs.

So if you want to own only the most popular garden tools on the market then this is what every up-to-date garden shed should contain!

1. Bulldog Wizard Rake – This rake continues to be the most popular tool Quality Garden Tools sell. This result comes as no surprise to those of us who own this fantastic all surface rubber tined rake.
2. Kärcher K365 Jubilee Pressure Washer – A national TV campaign and great free accessories led to big sales of this pressure washer in 2009. The pricing also helped make this the best selling power tool of the year.
3. Briers Lined Hide Gloves – The first of the Briers range in this list is a classic soft, fully lined leather gardening glove, especially good during the first chilly months of the year.
4. Silky Gomtaro 300mm Saw – At last gardeners are beginning to realise how good Silky Saws really are. I have used this saw for a number years and it is so much better than anything available at your local garden centre.
5. Spear & Jackson Stainless Steel Children's Trowel & Fork Set – Really popular, with massive sales in the last few weeks before Christmas. A great present for any junior allotmenteer or gardener!
6. Briers Children’s Rigger Gloves – Always a good seller, these rugged rigger style gloves protect little hands and offer great value for money (especially if being bought with pocket money).
7. Bulldog Pedigree Stainless Steel Digging Spade – An essential garden tool that looks and feels great. The stainless steel blade ensures that soil does not stick and the Ash handle adds strength.
8. Haemmerlin 5200G Pick Up Wheelbarrow – Regular readers of this blog will know how I feel about this great wheelbarrow. All I can say is if you haven’t already bought one, why not!
9. Toro Super Electric Blower Vac – This is one of only two power tools on the list. Voted as a ‘Which?’ magazine choice, the sales of this blower vac in 2009 were more than all previous years combined!
10. Tina 605 Grafting/General Purpose Knife – A really useful tool for every gardener. This handmade, extra sharp horticultural knife will last for years and years.

All of these tools are great for both professional and keen amateur gardeners alike and are available from:

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