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Garden Tool Awards 2009

Garden Tool Awards 2009
Posted on 11/12/09 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

With the gardening industry handing out gongs for almost anything at this time of year, I thought I would add my own garden tools ‘oscars’ to this already cluttered marketplace. The criteria, voting procedures and rules for the awards are very simple: I choose whatever I like! So, without further ado…

The best ‘new’ garden tool award goes to Spear & Jackson for their Razorsharp secateurs with interchangeable blades – perfect for those of us who still use different secateurs for different garden tasks.
The ‘value for money’ tool award is awarded to Felco for their really useful model 310 pruning shears (currently just £8.99).
The pruning tool award goes to Silky Saws for the amazing (and popular) Gomtaro fixed blade saw with sheath – so much better than other brands of saw.
The best digging tool award is won by Bulldog Tools for their Shrubbery spade – a very useful miniature spade which I use constantly.
The best cultivating tool award is awarded to Bulldog Tools for their Evergreen compost fork – it is both strong and essential for compost producers.
The best gardening power tool award goes to Bosch for the AHS52Li 18volt cordless hedge cutter which is light and environmentally friendly without sacrificing any power.
The best children’s garden tool award is won by Spear & Jackson for their beautifully made mini stainless steel trowel and fork set – my daughter wouldn’t be without them!
The most innovative tool award is awarded to Haemmerlin for their 5200GG ‘Pick-Up’ wheelbarrow – so many great features I would not/could not be without it.
The best garden accessory award goes to Briers for their fantastic Royale gauntlets – comfortable, warm and protective!

Finally, (cue drum roll and palpable sense of anticipation) my most prestigious awards:

Best garden tool for 2009 is awarded to Kärcher for the K365 Jubilee pressure washer – a power tool which was not only hugely popular, but also well made with a fantastic range of ‘extras’ included.
Best garden tool manufacturer for 2009 goes to Silky Saws for their faultless product quality, excellent availability and impeccable customer service.

So it just leaves me to finish my cigar, bag up my dinner jacket for another year and congratulate all the award winners for a successful 2009.

All these ‘award winning’ garden tools (plus many more) can be purchased at:

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