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Delivering Service

Delivering Service
Posted on 09/11/09 | Posted by Dominic Elsom

First can I apologise for sneaking into the territory of The Fat Gardener uninvited like this. However, I thought that this might be a useful forum for me to discuss the challenges facing Quality Garden Tools (and other mail order companies) with the delivery of our products.

Quality Garden Tools use three main carriers to deliver items ordered by customers. For bulky items (mainly Haemmerlin wheelbarrows) we use Nightfreight, on a 3 – 5 day service (the quickest available). For long handled, heavy and oddly shaped hand tools like Bulldog Tools and most power tools we use UK Mail (formerly Business Post) and their 24 hour (next working day) delivery. Finally, small items like Felco secateurs, Silky Saws and Briers Gloves we use 1st Class recorded delivery with Royal Mail.

Over the last 5 years we have managed to keep our postage and packaging charges unaltered at £3.95 which we feel offers good value to our customers. The only time that this varies is with wheelbarrows, which because of their bulky nature incur a £5.00 supplement. It may be worthwhile knowing that with the exception of some of the lighter items which are posted we make a loss delivering everything else.

The recent Royal Mail strike has caused us some delays, not only with regards to the post, but also with the overworked carrier companies – so at this busy time please bear with us.

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