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Gardening Blogs

Gardening Blogs
Posted on 15/10/09 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Blogging is one of the success stories of the internet revolution. It has captured the imaginations of many ordinary (and some not so ordinary!) people around the world. You can now read a blog about almost anything – even garden tools!

Gardening has become a very popular bloggers’ topic and there are hundreds of blogs available to the intrepid (online) explorer.

Some of my favourites are (in no particular order):

Pippa’s Gardening News. Pippa Greenwood's very useful and informative blog about all matters garden.
Matthew Appleby’s Gardening Blog. A sometimes irreverent look at the horticultural industry.
Veg Plotting. Prolific (and very good) blog from rural Wiltshire – recommended by everyone!
Garden Rant. Some very cross American ladies who hate traditional gardening stereotypes.
My Garden. The RHS community site with loads of blogs and more gardening info than you could ever need.
In The Green House. Lila Das Gupta’s blog on all things greenhouse.
Guerrilla Gardening. The ‘movement’ started by Richard Reynolds to illicitly cultivate neglected city space.
My Tiny Plot. Great little blog from Bath about vegetable gardening and some cooking tips.
Suttons Grow Your Own Club. The blog of the famous seed supplier with lots of information and not just about seeds.
The Garden Monkey. Funny, interesting and knowledgeable blogger whose real identity is (as yet) unknown.

Hopefully the ten blogs mentioned above will give you loads of interesting garden biased information, but please don’t forget to keep reading (and writing to) The Fat Gardener – even if I only ever blog about garden tools!

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