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The Spear is Here

The Spear is Here
Posted on 06/09/09 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Earlier this year I wrote about the chance that Quality Garden Tools would be stocking products from Spear & Jacksons excellent range of garden tools. This week the first Spear & Jackson garden tools order arrived at the Quality Garden Tools warehouse ready to be despatched.

The initial range covers secateurs and other cutting tools (including the Razorsharp secateurs with interchangeable blades) and hand tools including trowels and weed forks.

I have used the same Spear & Jackson Neverbend stainless steel hand trowel and fork for about 8 years and they are still working perfectly (even though they are a little worn down!). The trowel has a gratifyingly sharp edge having been plunged into the soil many, many times and whilst I do look after my tools well they are the longest lasting trowel and weed fork I have ever owned.

Spear & Jackson’s history goes back to 1760 and they use all this experience to design and manufacture great gardening tools. Blades stay sharp for longer and tools are robust, yet easy to use and comfortable to hold. The Select range of hand tools that Quality Garden Tools are now stocking exemplify these standards with tough, easily cleaned and rust resistant mirror polished stainless steel heads and comfortable, contoured, ergonomic bi-material handles. The tools available in the select range include a weed fork, hand trowel, soil or compost scoop and a handy weeder for weeds with long tap roots.

Stainless steel tools are not now just for grown ups either, there is now a great set of children’s hand trowel and weed fork that is perfect for those who have keen gardening youngsters at home. The stainless steel heads are easy to clean and the hardwood handles are tough and hard wearing.

I am also very impressed with the larger cutting tools, particularly the ergonomic, geared loppers which reduce the workload and yet still give a very quick, clean cut. They feel solid and sturdy, but are still not that heavy because they utilise strong, lightweight aluminium in their handles. Similarly the ergonomic hedge shears have great build quality and will last well if looked after.

Hopefully the new Spear & Jackson garden tools will give Quality Garden Tools customers even more choice when it comes to choosing great tools for the garden.

You can see all the new Spear & Jackson tools by clicking here

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