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Glove, Glove Me Do

Glove, Glove Me Do
Posted on 05/08/09 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

This Summer has seen an explosion in demand for one particular type of gardening accessories – gloves.

Quality Garden Tools have been supplying Briers gloves for almost exactly three years, but 2009 figures for the gloves show a marked increase in sales.

There are a number of reasons why gardeners use gardening gloves – not only for protection of the hands from thorns, allergies, and infections, but also to improve grip, protect nails and most important in this country, to keep hands warm! Many gardeners complain of problems with their hands cracking during prolonged spells of gardening and because soil contains so many bacteria, infection can then become a problem. Allergies to elements in soil (particularly fertilizers) seem to be becoming more common each year and for the sufferers a well fitting pair of waterproof gloves is essential to their enjoyment of gardening. When gardening at allotments, schools or public spaces gloves are essential (particularly for children) as ‘sharps’ are often concealed in the dirt and pushing your naked hand into a planting hole and encountering broken glass, a decomposing tin can or worse is not a pleasant experience.

My favourite Briers gloves include the following:

Briers Junior Digger Glove – A great garden glove for children aged 5 to 9 years which is snug fitting with water proof fingers and palm.
Briers Seedling Glove – A glove designed for touch and feel with non-slip rubber fingers and palm. Available in small, medium and large.
Briers Lavender Washable Leather Gardener Glove – A leather glove that can be washed and tumble dried. Available in small and medium.
Briers Professional Glove – A fantastic synthetic leather glove that is both tough and dextrous. Available in medium and large.
Briers Royale Gauntlet Glove – This glove offers a combination of great protection and maximum comfort. Available in small, medium and large.

Many of the gloves I have recommended are designed for certain tasks within the garden. They will all be great for general gardening, but it may well be worth thinking about investing in more than one pair. I use a pair of gauntlets for maximum protection when I am clearing brambles or pruning roses or pyracanthas and a pair of professional gloves when I am planting or weeding. Many of us have a small spade for planting and a bigger one for digging, bypass secateurs for green wood and anvil secateurs for dry or dead wood, so why not use two pairs of gloves?

With a mesmerising range of gloves now available to British gardeners it is sometimes difficult to know what to choose when you decide your old gloves are worn out. First look at the quality of the glove – is it likely to fall apart the first time you use it? Then check the size – does it fit properly, will it rub and can you move your hand easily with it on? Lastly, look at the materials – is the fabric breathable, can you wash it or is it water proof? Answering these questions will help determine whether the gloves you are looking at will suit you.

Remember to clean your gloves after heavy use – if you love your gardening gloves they will love you back!

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