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Bring me my Spear!

Bring me my Spear!
Posted on 26/07/09 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

It never fails to amaze me when a company or individual ‘invents’ a new garden tool or even just improves an old favourite, making life easier for all us overworked gardeners. After hundreds of years of mankind toiling in the fields as well as in the garden you might be forgiven for assuming that every kind of garden gadget that could be invented has been already.

I often get sent emails from crazy and not so crazy inventers from up and down the country asking me how they can launch their ‘wonderful’ gizmo onto an unsuspecting gardening public. However, every now and then something really interesting comes along.

Spear & Jackson’s Razorsharp secateurs with interchangeable blades are just such a product. Secateurs are one of the few garden tools that every gardener owns, but many of us don’t have just one pair. If you’re anything like me you will have a pair (or 3!) of normal bypass secateurs, a strong set of anvil secateurs, some snips, maybe even a set of pruning shears (like short scissors). The Spear & Jackson secateurs are supplied with a set of blades as standard for an rrp of £22.99 which is about ‘mid price’ for a pair of decent secateurs. However, the costs begin to tumble when you consider that the replacement blades are just £9.49 rrp each, meaning that for £41.97 you can have three great pairs of secateurs and that’s just £13.99 each!

To change the blades you just loosen the central nut with the allen key provided, remove one set of blades and replace with another – simple! The most important thing I have found is not to over tighten the central nut which means the blades start to stick, but after a couple of changes I got the hang of it and had no further problems.

Spear & Jackson have been around since 1760 so it is great to see they are still innovating 250 years later! Their name is synonymous with great quality garden tools and the Razorsharp interchangeable secateurs are sure to be a real hit with British gardeners.

At Quality Garden Tools we are always looking to improve our ranges and we are hoping that by the end of the Summer we will be able to offer Spear & Jackson garden tools to our customers.

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