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Haemmerlin and Sickle

Haemmerlin and Sickle
Posted on 04/06/09 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

The hammer and sickle has come to symbolise the industrial and agricultural worker and was most famously used as the emblem of the USSR. Today, Quality Garden Tools still supply a symbol of industrial and agricultural hard work in the form of the Haemmerlin wheelbarrow.

Builders, gardeners, landscapers and agricultural workers have long relied on Haemmerlin’s single and twin wheeled barrows. They are the world’s biggest manufacturer of wheelbarrows and have been established for more than 140 years.

Most wheelbarrows that Haemmerlin produce come in a choice of an epoxy coated (green) or a galvanised (silver) tray to prevent weather damage, although the 5200G Pick Up with its plastic ‘no rivets’ tray is now our best selling barrow.

I often compare my Haemmerlin wheelbarrow to an old Land Rover that despite being battered and often repaired it keeps going! You can purchase many Haemmerlin spare parts including: handle grips, wheels, inner tubes, axles and tray fixings, which mean that your faithful wheelbarrow should last for years to come.

One question I am often asked is about the availability of a solid wheeled version of the wheelbarrows. I am happy to be able to point Quality Garden Tools customers in the direction of the Haemmerlin 1041P wheelbarrow which offers all the features of the standard garden models, but with a hard wearing solid wheel. This is particularly worth looking at if you carry very heavy objects in your barrow like grit, rocks, or garden statuary and have lumps and bumps in the garden which are likely to force the air out of a pneumatic tyre. Also if sharp grit or glass in your garden makes your current wheelbarrow prone to punctures, this is well worth looking at.

I once had the opportunity to try one of the huge Haemmerlin twin wheeled equestrian wheelbarrows at an estate in Surrey and was very impressed. The wheelbarrow’s tray was 230 litres (three times the size of a standard wheelbarrow) and although it was great for carrying large amounts of compost, it would be a little unwieldy in my smallish garden!

In recent years Haemmerlin have started to manufacture and assemble some of their wheelbarrows in the UK alongside the Chillington brand (which is also owned by Haemmerlin) from their base in Walsall. This has meant that Quality Garden Tools can offer a better service to their UK customers and delivery is now between 3 – 5 days with children’s Mini Star and Twiny wheelbarrows normally delivered in 48 hours.

My Haemmerlin wheelbarrow is one of my most used garden tools and although it is a bit bumped and battered I wouldn’t be without it.

I hope that in the future the Haemmerlin and sickle will come to be known as a symbol of the hard working British gardener!

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