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The Fat Gardener & Daughter

The Fat Gardener & Daughter
Posted on 10/05/09 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

This weekend my daughter planted her first garden. This was a big deal for two reasons; firstly because my daughter would be free to design her own ‘patch’ and secondly because I would have to relinquish some of my precious space!

I was keen to impress upon my daughter the importance of preparation – compulsory digging over of the patch was an unpopular, but necessary operation! Also she needed to research which plants would best suit the plot as it is sited in the dappled shade of an apple tree with protection of a hedge and walls on three sides – not easy.

My daughter was given a set of Bulldog’s children’s tools for Christmas last year and has been helping me tend the beds and borders ever since. She is never happier than when she is holding her trusty Bulldog spade! Over this time she has learned about how to plant and prune, water and feed – she is now ready to take responsibility for her own plants.

We found some great plants at the local nursery that provided the expected levels of colour whilst still being happy in semi-shade. Hardy Geraniums provide the ground cover with a standard Camellia and some Lilies giving the garden some height. To allow her some ‘changeability’ my daughter also chose some shade tolerant Impatiens and Fuchsias that could be replaced in future years.

I am now hoping that although she will have to work hard to maintain the garden’s beauty, it will be worth it and give her the same love of gardening that I have – who knows, The Fat Gardener & Daughter could become a regular article on this blog!

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