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Kärcher’s Golden Jubilee

Kärcher’s Golden Jubilee
Posted on 26/04/09 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

This Spring has seen the launch of a very special pressure washer.

Kärcher launched the K365 Jubilee Limited Edition pressure washer on the 4th April 2009 with a fanfare including primetime TV advertising.

The pressure washer not only offers Kärcher’s normal high levels of performance, but is also equipped with £100.00 worth of great added extras.

The machine houses an efficient 1700 watt induction motor that generates a maximum pressure of 120bar ensuring a water flow rate of 420 litres per hour.

The standard accessories for this pressure washer surpass anything previously offered by Kärcher and include:

• Low Pressure Trigger Gun.
• Dirtblaster Lance.
• Vario Lance.
• Wash Brush.
• Universal Detergent Pouch.
• T200 Patio Cleaner.
• Hose Set:
o Tap Adapter.
o Universal Hose Connector.
o Universal Hose Connector with Aquastop.
o Spray Nozzle.
o 15m Hose.
o Hose Hanger.

This specification makes the K365 an ideal buy for someone who is new to pressure washers and wants a kit that is complete requiring no extras.

With all this in their favour, I am sure Kärcher will have a really golden jubilee!

See the Kärcher K365 Jubilee pressure washer:

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