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Is it a Potato Fork or a Bait Digging Fork?

Is it a Potato Fork or a Bait Digging Fork?
Posted on 02/03/09 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Two of the most common searches that come to from the Google search engine are ‘Potato Fork’ and ‘Bait Digging Fork’.

This is particularly interesting as they are actually the same product!

Bulldog Tool’s 4 prong potato fork has flatter, wider, reinforced prongs without sharp ends. This ensures that potatoes are not ‘speared’ and large crops can be lifted without breaking the handle.

This tool has long been a friend of allotment growers and vegetable gardeners of all ages. However, there is also another group of fans of this fork – fishermen!

Fishermen use the fork for hand digging Lug and Rag Worms from the beach at low tide. The wide prongs reduce the ‘suction effect’ that occurs when using a spade, but still allow the worms to be collected.

I think it is great that not only is the fork a brilliant garden tool, but also a fantastic tool for fisherman. The Bulldog Potato Fork is also still solid forged at the Bulldog factory in Wigan, meaning that the tool you use to dig up your food or bait hasn’t travelled half way round the world to get here.

The best news is that whether you are having fish or chips for supper then this Bulldog fork is the tool for you!

The Bulldog Potato or Bait Digging for can be seen at:

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