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Silky Skills

Silky Skills
Posted on 02/01/09 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

I have written previously in this blog that Silky Saws are some of the best garden tools that we stock. This, I assure you is not because Silky pay me vast amounts of commission (or any commission, for that matter!), but because I think every gardener should have one!

Silky have long been the favourite choice of saws for tree surgeons and arborists, but not until recently have these long admired blades been available to keen gardeners.

The saws have been manufactured in Japan by UM-KOGYO inc. since 1919. Their unique Silky design and technology have produced a fantastic range of the finest quality hand saws with great cutting ability. In the UK these saws are often known by the name Silky Fox Saws, but are in fact exactly the same.

There are a number of different Silky Saws in the range all designed to perform different cutting tasks, but some of my favourites are:

• The Zübat 330mm saw has a big, curved, fixed blade that is great for all types of branch pruning.
• The Super Accel 210mm saw is a really handy folding bladed saw that fits into the pocket and can be opened in two blade positions.
• The Hayauchi 3 extension pole saw can extend to 6.3m reaching really high branches and can also be fitted with the Sintung lopper for precise pruning.
• One of the most amazing Silky saws is the Ibuki. Nicknamed ‘the chainsaw’ by tree surgeons it has a big, beefy curved 390mm blade that cuts like a knife through butter.

Quality Garden Tools stock many more saws in the range, most of which will be really useful garden tools for keen and professional gardeners alike.

I regularly use my Silky saws and would not hesitate to recommend them, but please remember that they are extremely sharp and tend to cut through fingers in the same effortless way they cut through branches. To reduce this problem the fixed bladed saws all come with sheaths which fit easily onto your belt.

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