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The Best Just Got Better!

The Best Just Got Better!
Posted on 25/11/08 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

In August I wrote about some very special Felco Limited Edition Secateurs we were lucky enough to be able to offer Quality Garden Tools customers. Unfortunately, these secateurs did not last long and we sold out soon after the article appeared on the QGT Blog.

This quick sell-out was not a surprise, Felco secateurs have been manufactured to very high standards in Switzerland since Félix Flisch designed the first pair of forged aluminium pruning shears in 1945. Felco’s factory now employs over 150 people in Switzerland and exports to 100 countries around the world.

Due to the popularity of the initial products, Felco have launched an updated and improved version of these secateurs as a Felco ‘Special Edition’.

The two new Felco Special Edition secateurs are still based on the popular 6 and 8 models of the Classic range. Their parts are made from forged aluminium, but have been specially anodised giving them a golden colour that complements the steel blade of the cutting head. The elegant look is enhanced by the chocolate brown leather casing of the secateurs’ two handles and further complemented by a chocolate brown leather case and gold embossed black packaging to create a very stylish effect. Each pair come with a glossy guide booklet and guarantee.

These secateurs will make a great present for a Felco collector (yes, they do exist!) or a keen gardener. The Fat Gardener himself (me!) has bought a pair and they really are great. The gardening tools we sell at Quality Garden Tools are always functional, but these new secateurs are both functional and luxurious – a winning combination!

The Felco Special Edition secateurs retail at £149.99 per pair and are only available from Quality Garden Tools and one other retailer in the whole UK.

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