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The Power of the Press

The Power of the Press
Posted on 18/11/08 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Last Saturday the Gardening section of the Daily Telegraph featured an article entitled ‘50 must-haves for a perfect Winter garden’ written by Helen Yemm and Ursula Buchan.

The section featured some 20 gardening tools which were considered to be tools which gardeners could not do without. Five of the garden tools mentioned are available from Quality Garden Tools – we have hit the headlines!

The gardening tools on the ‘50 must-haves for a perfect Winter garden’ we sell on our website are listed below:

1. Bosch lithium battery cordless lawnmower ROTAK 37 Li (£269.99) – a favourite; lightweight and environmentally efficient, this lawnmower can be found at:
2. Bosch lithium battery cordless hedge trimmer AHS 52 Li (£89.99) – in our opinion the best cordless hedge trimmer on the market. The battery lasts longer and runs down more slowly, see it at:
3. Bosch AXT 2200HP shredder (£248.50) – a really great ‘quiet’ shredder that has a fantastic build quality and will serve you for many years (this is the shredder I own), you can see it at:
4. Bulldog 1073SR Switch & Reach spring wire shrub rake (£4.01) – a very useful small garden tool that can be used to ‘grub out’ under shrubs and other plants. This rake can be seen at:
5. Wilkinson Sword 220656 telescopic tree pruner (£69.50) – a long reach lightweight pruner that extends up to 4 metres and is easy to use. It is shown at:

These items are not necessarily the best tools that we sell, but are tools that Helen Yemm and Ursula Buchan particularly find useful. We love all of the tools they chose and we are excited that they are part of the Quality Garden Tools range.

Since this article appeared we have had countless enquiries and sales, showing not only the power of the press, but also the power of Helen and Ursula!

If you would like to see the original Daily Telegraph article it is at:

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