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Catalogue Amongst the Pigeons

Catalogue Amongst the Pigeons
Posted on 13/10/08 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

One of the most demanding (and important) jobs we do all year at Quality Garden Tools is to write the catalogue. We send out thousands of them to customers, so we try to do our best to make them interesting!

Over the course of a year, many garden tools are discontinued or updated by manufacturers and almost all the prices change at some point during the twelve months between catalogues. This means we have to constantly check and update our catalogue database throughout the year to make sure that the information it contains is as up-to-date as possible.

This year we have been working especially hard on the garden power tool section of the catalogue, making sure that the new ranges are shown at their best. The new ranges of Husqvarna, Echo, Hayter, Mountfield, Toro, Flymo, McCulloch and Eliet are all included and really have improved the balance of our garden tool ranges. It is often very difficult to give all the technical information needed on each power tool (we all know how large and difficult to understand instruction leaflets are!) in the catalogue, so we hope customers will use the website alongside their new catalogues.

The hand tools ranges will be very similar (no one is reinventing the spade!) to our previous catalogues, but will be peppered with new products to entice customers into parting with their hard-earned cash! These new products include a super-luxury pair of deluxe edition secateurs from Felco, the new range of Alan Titchmarsh Garden Tools, a larger range of Haemmerlin wheelbarrows, two new Tina horticultural knives, fantastic pruning shears from Felco (only available from us in the UK) and much more.

The design of the catalogue also creates a number of headaches – as we try to make the new catalogue look fresh and interesting, whilst still ensuring our customers recognise it as a Quality Garden Tools catalogue. This can prove the subject of many long and often tense discussions! One thing is certain though, we always make the catalogue with solid, good quality paper so that no matter whether you leave it lying on your desk, or in the rather less exulted surroundings of the potting shed bench it should last until the next one arrives. We hate the shiny, tissue paper catalogues that fall out of our newspapers every weekend and hope that the Quality Garden Tools catalogue stands out above them!

So when, on a cold November morning your new copy of the Quality Garden Tools catalogue drops onto your hall floor, take a moment before you discard it – please!

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