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Tools 4 Schools

Tools 4 Schools
Posted on 22/08/08 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Over the last couple of years the horticultural industry has spent a lot of money, time and effort marketing horticulture to schools and school children. Many of the benefits of learning about growing plants are easy to understand; healthy eating, working outside, food understanding & identification, botanical science and the responsibility of nurturing plants from sowing seed to harvest.

Quality Garden Tools are no exception in these endeavours and we spend a lot of our time talking to schools and charities that are committed to bringing horticulture to children around the country. As well as supplying children’s tools to over 40 schools we have also been involved with supplying the Diggin’ it! project ( and the Green Apprentices scheme ( which both do great work in their local areas.

The most important thing about our children’s garden tools is that they are real tools. Many toy shops and garden centres sell toy garden tools which break and bend when used to do real chores around the garden. Our Bulldog Tools, Haemmerlin and Briers products are all small scale versions of the full sized tools and gloves, which mean that they are robust enough to do the job. Also, at Quality Garden Tools we believe it is important that children learn how to use tools in the correct way; not only to facilitate ease of use, but also to avoid injury.

Children get a great sense of achievement from growing, not only do the successful harvests teach them that hard work can literally bear fruit, but also failures teach young gardeners important lessons about plants that will stay with them all their lives.

In line with our policy to discount all the tools we sell, we decided to try to make garden tools as accessible as possible for hard-pushed schools and charities. Customers can currently buy a set of four Bulldog children’s tools (spade, fork, rake and hoe) for £46.00; a big discount on the rrp of £62.96, but most importantly this gets good quality tools in the hands of keen young gardeners.

One benefit of selling so many of these smaller scale tools is that we have had lots of extra sales from both shorter and wheelchair gardeners who have found these tools much lighter and easier to use than the full size versions. Let’s hope that while we are encouraging young gardeners to enjoy all the aspects of horticulture, they remember Quality Garden Tools when they are grown-ups!

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