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A Mow by Mow Account

A Mow by Mow Account
Posted on 10/08/08 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Since we started Quality Garden Tools, we have always been seen to specialise in garden hand tools like spades, forks, rakes, hoes, secateurs, loppers and saws. We have now decided that we will start to increase our ranges of garden power tools.

Many of the power tools we currently stock are aimed mainly at domestic gardening. Brands like Bosch, Black & Decker and Flymo offer great value for the gardener, but sometimes are not robust enough for professionals using their tools all day, every day or for gardeners who have very large gardens. For these demanding landscapers and gardeners we have decided to add machines from Husqvarna, Hayter, Toro, Mountfield and Echo to name a few.

This new area of the business will provide new challenges for Quality Garden Tools; carriage charges increase for these heavy goods, investment in this kind of stock is very expensive and we do not offer service or maintenance for the machines we sell. However, many customers have local garden tool machinery workshops nearby and with all manufacturers offering countrywide warranty and service, customers can buy these tools cheaply from us and support their local workshop with service and warranty work.

Selecting manufacturers has been difficult for us; Husqvarna was an easy choice, as in our opinion they make the best garden tools in the world. The build quality is great and they offer machines for every size of garden (or park!). Toro are famously used at golf courses around the world and make lawns look fabulous. Hayter mowers have a great pedigree and are famous holders of royal warrants. All of these companies have a real commitment to making great power tools that will last for years and we will be adding them to our site over the next month.

In future months I will be writing about some of these tools in greater detail, but I hope that this gives you an insight into the important decisions we make on behalf of our customers – sorry for the mow by mow account!

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