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Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain, Rain Go Away
Posted on 12/07/08 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

For those of us who have to spend at least a portion of each week working, the recent wet weather comes as a big disappointment. Many of us rely on balmy summer evenings not only to enjoy our gardens, but also to undertake some light evening deadheading, pruning weeding and tidying.

I realise that had the weather been constantly sunny over the last few weeks I would be complaining about the pressures brought on by drought. This being fully accepted on my part, I do wonder if we couldn’t have little of both; with healthy gardens and warm scent-filled evenings. Perhaps if I have a word with The Met Office this could be arranged!

Running Quality Garden Tools also has weather-based troubles at this time of year. Customers do not enjoy digging, weeding or chopping if the temperature is in the 90s, nor do they do much garden work if there is a downpour. We sometimes sit and wait for the telephone to ring with the July hailstones drumming on the office windows.

This is also the second year in a row that the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show has been disrupted by rain, ruining some exhibitor’s very careful plans. This is always a great show, but it does get a bit disheartening seeing the boatmen of the Thai market paddling against rain driven horizontal by the wind!

Mostly though, I feel sorry for the plants. Whilst the ferns and Hostas look as if they are in horticultural heaven, seeing my lavenders sitting in puddles (despite much grit added to the soil for drainage) is soul destroying. Most of my roses have had flowers ruined by the rain and the Cosmos I put into pots have had their petals destroyed by wind. The wind has also split the trunk of an old apple tree (which I have had to remove) and knocked about the Delphiniums and Lupins (which I have left with extra support).

So Met Office, if you’re listening please give us nice sunny days and evenings with little or no breeze and gentle rain between the hours of one o’clock and four in the morning!

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