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Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

Christmas Gifts for Gardeners
Posted on 28/11/11 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

One question I get asked every week at this time of year is “My mum/brother/friend/auntie/godson (delete as appropriate) is a keen/professional/enthusiastic/useless (delete as appropriate) gardener, what should I get them for Christmas?”

I must admit I don’t have any miracle answers to this (or any other) complicated question. I do however have some ideas of garden tools and equipment that would be useful as Christmas presents for any gardener and have included items from stocking fillers to expensive presents in my list.

My recommended Christmas gifts for gardeners are:

1. Nutscene twine makes a great stocking filler for any gardener; it is organic, useful and biodegrades naturally over time. All you need to do is decide which colour goes best with your garden colour scheme!
2. Tina horticultural knives should be carried in the pocket of any serious gardener. The blades are very sharp and one of these knives should last for many years if looked after properly.
3. A traditional British Made Haws watering can is a present that will not only put a smile on the face of the person you give too, but also the flowers you water! Available in a range of colours and sizes.
4. Many gardeners still don’t have a decent pair of loppers in the shed. The new LÖWE loppers range are incredibly strong, but lighter than many on the market and while they are not cheap, they are brilliant!
5. Silky Saws are amongst my most favourite garden tools in the world. The Silky F180 is the cheapest in the range, but is still better than most other brands, folds away safely when not in use and would fit into a Christmas stocking.
6. Ethel Jubilee gardening gloves feature a festive fleur-de-lis pattern and although reinforced in the palms and fingers are very lightweight and give great ‘touch’ for fiddly jobs. Available in small, medium, large and kids.
7. Maglite torches are a Winter essential. They are water resistant, shock proof and have powerful beams to light up your garden even on the darkest nights.
8. A Bulldog Tree Planting Spade will allow you to replace the tree you cut down and decorate this Christmas. Still made in the UK this is a very tough spade that is perfectly shaped for digging planting holes.
9. Children’s tools continue to be a Christmas favourite and you can’t find better hand tools for kids than Spear & Jackson’s stainless steel children's trowel & fork set which mirror the grown up versions, just on a smaller scale.
10. Finally, for those of you looking for an easier year in the garden in 2012, I would recommend the Bosch CISO 3.6v cordless secateurs; which are rechargeable, easy to use and will save you from pruning pain next year.

I’m even buying things from the list for my own family. My brother has just moved into a new house with a number of overgrown shrubs, bushes and trees which need pruning, so he’ll get the fantastic new LÖWE loppers (lucky chap!).

Remember, before you buy anything, make sure you like the tool yourself – then if your friend or relation decides they don’t want your gift, you can keep it!

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