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Sweet and Lowe

Sweet and Lowe
Posted on 15/11/11 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Good news for garden tools fans and especially for German garden tool admirers – Quality Garden Tools have announced that they are launching a range of Original LOWE pruners into the UK garden retail and nursery market.

Original LOWE pruners have been manufactured in Kiel, Germany since the development of the LOWE 1 pruner was patented as the world’s first anvil pruner by Walther Schröder in 1923. His grandson is Randolph Schröder, the current Managing Director and the third generation of his family to manufacture Original LOWE pruners – continuing the family tradition into the 21st Century.

Those of you who regularly read this blog will know that I am a supporter of quality manufacturing and these pruners don’t disappoint. Like our Tina knives, they are designed, produced and assembled in Germany to the highest standards with a unique hardening process giving the blades an unrivalled hardness and the latest CNC grinding machines, ensuring an outstanding sharp cutting edge.

Although many gardeners here will not have heard of Original LOWE pruners, it is actually pretty likely that they have owned a pair! This is because for many years the pruners were manufactured by ROLCUT here in the UK and sold under that brand name until recently. So if you have a tired, but much loved pair of worn out ROLCUT secateurs, you can treat yourself to a replacement pair of Original LOWE pruners, without worrying about losing any quality.

I have been lucky enough to try out these new garden tools and have advised the Quality Garden Tools team with the pruners that I think will suit the British market best. As well as the classic LOWE 1, the Original LOWE range includes a very exciting new range of ‘best of both worlds’ pruners which feature anvil technology with bypass geometry. The slimness and curve of a bypass cutting head, makes selective pruning of intensive crops (fruit, flowers, etc.) easy, while the anvil blade allows easy cutting and less impact during use.

The Original LOWE range includes six pairs of anvil secateurs, four pairs of bypass secateurs and six pairs of loppers in both anvil and bypass design. Quality Garden Tools have also added a range of complimentary spare parts to insure that once purchased the tools can be easily maintained.

I am impressed with the solidity of these pruners which give a very satisfying and true cut every time. I also really like the adjustable handles which mean that I could position the handle to a point that was comfortable for me rather than the usual ‘one size fits all’ that most manufacturers use. The secateur market is congested in the UK, but if I had to choose a product to compete at the top of the market against Felco and Bahco, the Original LOWE range would definitely be my choice. I also liked the loppers, which although utilise light aluminium handles are very tough and I particularly enjoyed using the ‘best of both worlds’ anvil loppers, which I kept for my own garden after I tested them!

So, if you are looking for a new pair of secateurs or loppers, which though cheaper than Felco are just as good, then you can’t do better than these – try them, you won’t be disappointed.

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