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The Tough Stuff

The Tough Stuff
Posted on 09/09/11 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Once again this year’s IOG Saltex show took place at Windsor Racecourse in Berkshire. The Institute of Groundsmanship has held the event there for a number of years and it is a ‘must’ for all fans of heavyweight garden machinery (and more besides).

The open site is fantastic in the sunshine, but was not ideal in Tuesday’s gales! However, I managed to spend a day testing and using some of the latest tools from some of the best garden power tool manufacturers in the UK. Amongst the brands I visited were Bulldog Tools, Toro, Hayter, as well as a number of new brands and products. Silky Saws were also there along with some Okatsune products and Japanese pruning specialists, ARS.

Bulldog Tools were showing some new products including some new longer handled tools which not only save on the back when digging, but are perfect for older gardeners who can’t get down to the beds and borders as easily as they used to!

The show also provides a range of seminars aimed at addressing issues within the industry as well as to teach groundsmen (and women) new techniques and scientific developments. Included this year were seminars on ‘A new Foundation Degree for the sports turf industry’, ‘Sports pitch drainage – the future for sustainable drainage in the sports industry’, ‘Quality compost – a resource efficiency solution in turf and landscape management’ and ‘Landscaping – combining quality, training and safety for business benefit’, exciting stuff (but only if you work in the industry!).

Amongst some of the cool product demonstrations I saw on the day were the new range of ET Robot Mowers, John Deere’s 2011 range of PrecisionCut rotary mowers and best of all Avant Tecno demonstrating its fantastic mini 4-wheel drive (I want one, now!).

A great show for landscapers and groundsmen and women with some really tough stuff.

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