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How Does This Grab You?

How Does This Grab You?
Posted on 19/05/08 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Every week the Quality Garden Tools office receives one or two unsolicited e-mails from inventors and manufacturers of garden tools. These e-mails come from all around the world (although the bias is definitely towards China) and we trash most of them without a second thought.

However, about six months ago I received a curious message from a man who claimed that his 70 year old father had invented a ‘miracle’ tool that every gardener should own. I assumed that this individual must be a devoted (but clearly mad) son hoping to curry favour with his eccentric father!

For a number of weeks I ignored the persistent stream of e-mails which continued to reassure me that this newly invented tool was everything that Quality Garden Tools needed! The e-mail that got me interested arrived just before Christmas with the words ‘…has been designed and manufactured in the UK’ immediately catching my attention.

After contacting the sender, I found that the product was called Grab-O-Saurus, but it was definitely not a dinosaur! The Grab-O-Saurus was invented by 70 (something) engineer Graham Renny who had watched his wife struggling to pick up leaves, grass cuttings and compost in the garden. He decided to try to make her life easier and set about designing the two identically sized ‘paddle’ grabs, one with a toothed end, and handle lengths designed so that the pressure exerted by the person using a Grab-O-Saurus is increased three fold at the ‘grabbing’ end.

It is a great tool for picking up garden waste without bending – I own one myself and the Grab-O-Saurus really is very strong. It is manufactured in easy-clean polypropylene, which is robust and lightweight. The teeth are reinforced and it is recyclable - an issue which becomes more important as each year passes. Picking up leaves and grass clippings has never been this easy!

The Grab-O-Saurus can be found at:*new*/id-GRAB1/view

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