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Chelsea Reminder by Lila Das Gupta

Chelsea Reminder by Lila Das Gupta
Posted on 21/05/11 | Posted by Lila Das Gupta

I'm reminded that the Chelsea Flower Show is just around the corner for a rather beautiful reason:  one of the roses that's currently flowering in my garden, 'Darcey Bussell', was given to me as a present at Chelsea by the lovely Andy McIndoe, MD of Hillier Nursery.  'Darcey Bussell' is as elegant as her namesake - a crimson, double-flowered rose from breeder 'David Austin'.  It's compact, with repeat flowers, and although the scent is not high, she never fails to attract attention by the front door.  Hillier always put on one of the most popular displays at the RHS Chelsea Flower show - people swarm around their stand like bees, poking their noses into this shrub and that, taking notes, marvelling and asking questions.  What they are great at is showing substantial shrubs and trees, that form the backbone of a garden and earn their keep all year round.
There's always something of a division at Chelsea between those who think the show gardens are the stars of the show and those that believe the plants are the reason we're all there.  As much as I love seeing what's on offer down Main Avenue and marvelling at perfection, at the end of the day, I find it hard to take home ideas from these gardens.  I have to admit, I'm a plantswoman at heart. Planting a seed, germinating it, taking a cutting or acquiring something new - the thrill never seems to wane.

Top Tip: If  you haven't planted any spuds yet, you can still do so, it just means you'll get a later crop.  A tub will do if you don't have garden space. Most garden centres are selling off any remaining stock for as little as 99p. Now is a good time to order Christmas potatoes, for delivery and planting at the end of summer and harvesting in December.

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