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Any Gardening Questions?

Any Gardening Questions?
Posted on 10/11/10

Growing your own vegetables and fruit has taken the horticultural industry by storm over the last few years. There are books, TV series, newspaper articles and even whole magazines devoted to the subject, with many garden tools and accessories companies manufacturing new products to make 'growing your own' easier. Quality Garden Tools (and the QGT blog) receive lots of enquiries from new gardeners every month, mostly asking about various gardening problems they are encountering on allotments or in their own gardens. Although we always try to help we are often so busy that we can often offer only the most general advice and encouragement.

However, help is now available! Pippa Greenwood's new website offers solutions to both those who want to grow their own vegetables for the first time and those more experienced gardeners who just want to make life easier.

Pippa trained as a botanist at Durham University, later gaining an MSc. in Crop Protection at Reading University and in 2007 was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Science by The University of Durham. She joined the staff of The Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden at Wisley in 1985, where she managed the Plant Pathology Department answering thousands of queries from gardeners every year. Pippa has offered gardening advice on many television programmes including 13 years as a presenter of the BBC's flagship garden show, Gardeners' World. Many of us also know her as a regular panellist of Radio 4's much-loved programme, Gardeners' Question Time. She writes for Gardeners' World Magazine, The Mirror newspaper and a regular blog for the BBC Gardeners' World website. Books include: New Gardener (in excess of one and a quarter million copies sold), RHS Pests and Diseases, Garden Problem Solver, Pippa’s Organic Kitchen Garden and Pippa Greenwood’s Gardening Year (to name but a few!). Her latest book is ‘1001 Ways to be a Better Gardener’ published by Mitchell Beazley.

The Pippa Greenwood website offers two main services. The Pippa Greenwood system to 'grow your own great veg' offers a selection of vegetable plants, vegetable seeds and advice from Pippa herself. Customers can select how many plants they want or simply send a voucher to a friend or family member. Every week Pippa emails clear advice specific to your crop selection and each customer can get a gardening query answered personally by Pippa. The 'Ask Pippa' service is a quick and easy way to solve your gardening problems. Depending on how quickly you want your question answered you can select from either the Rapid (2 days), Standard (5 days) or Snail (10 days) services. If by a very slim chance Pippa cannot answer your question then you will be able to ask another and every customer gets a free eBook on organic gardening.

So next time you need a gardening question answered (that isn't about garden tools) you know what to do, just ask Pippa!

Visit Pippa's website at:

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