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Electrifying New Silky Saws

Electrifying New Silky Saws
Posted on 01/10/10 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Regular readers of this blog will be all too aware of my admiration for Silky Saws. They are quite simply the best pruning saws on the market and are essential garden tools for any serious gardener.

One of the things I admire most about Silky Saws is their relentless programme to research, develop and improve their saws. They devote much of their time and their profits to making their products more efficient and more comfortable to use.

Quality Garden Tools have added five new products to their Silky Saw range giving their customers more choice. I managed to test these products at the recent APF Show at Cannock Chase and my thoughts are listed below:

• Gomtaro 240mm Saw - A shorter version of the bestselling Silky Gomtaro 300mm Saw. The shortened blade makes the saw more manoeuvrable and really useful for getting into small, tight spaces.
• Yamabico 330mm Saw - A new, exciting saw for the experienced user. The innovative blade has back teeth to cut the branch underside first preventing splitting and then really big teeth can easily cut through the topside of the branch.
• Silky Bigboy 360mm Folding Saw - A big saw! This saw combines the length of a fixed blade saw with the functionality of a folding saw - just watch your fingers!
• Silky Bigboy 2000 360mm Folding Saw - The curved blade equivalent of the standard Bigboy. This saw suits those of us who prefer a curved saw, but who want a longer blade with the convenience of folding.
• Silky Todoku Pole Saw - The new saw of choice for anyone working near overhead power cables. This saw has a three part fibreglass handle that can be assembled to a length of 5.75 metres. The blade is the same as the one used in the ever-popular Hayauchi pole saw.

These new saws all offer something different from the Silky Saws already sold by Quality Garden Tools. My favourites were the Bigboys which offer the cutting power of a large fixed blade saw with the convenience of a folding saw - I loved these and hope to steal one for my own use! The Todoku is also a really easy saw to use, the fibreglass handles fit together easily and whilst not insulated, Silky tell me that they are very much safer for those working near power cables.

This is certainly an electrifying new group of Silky Saws!

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