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Power Cut

Power Cut
Posted on 18/08/10 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Before writing the rest of this post I have to admit I am using this blog (again) to confess to another guilty secret. It's a secret I share with a number of men (and some women) who spend more time than they should working in their gardens - and it's addictive. The sad obsession to which I refer is a love of garden machinery. Ever since I was a small (well, young) boy, the vibration in the handle of a lawnmower, the throbbing power of a chainsaw or the destructive effects of a brushcutter have given me a giddy sense of indestructibility.

With all of the above in mind I was pulsating with excitement and expectation to see (and test) the new range of garden machinery on which launched this week. There are a number of new brands including: Brill, Hitachi, Makita and Billy Goat as well as the established garden tool ‘stars’ like Mountfield, Echo, Hayter, Kärcher, Bosch, McCulloch, Flymo, Black & Decker, Agri Fab and Atco.

Of particular interest to machinery ‘junkies’ is the increase in the number of Echo power tools listed by Quality Garden Tools. Echo have long been seen as leaders in the field, manufacturing machines of the very highest quality. I was particularly impressed with their chainsaws which are not only efficient, but also very reliable and well built. The Echo backpack blowers are also great and it is difficult not to feel like James Bond when you have one strapped onto your back blowing out air at 73m/sec! Brill may not be a brand known to everyone in the UK, but in Germany they are extremely popular and their lawnmowers offer high standards of manufacture at an affordable price, perfect for smaller modern gardens. The other two new brands (which need no introduction from me) are Makita and Hitachi. Having made their names supplying power tools to the building industries both companies are fairly new to the garden machinery markets, however I am very impressed by the quality of machines they are producing which would suit keen gardeners with large gardens and professionals alike.

Quality Garden Tools have also increased the range of pole saws and long reach hedge trimmers they stock as these are becoming increasingly popular in the domestic as well as the trade markets. Whilst these long reach tools certainly make life easier (I use them myself frequently) it is important to remember to always wear a hard hat when using them. Whilst I am talking about safety it is also worth mentioning ear defenders and eye protection, both of which should be worn when using any power tools in the garden along with gloves and a decent pair of boots.

If you find mowing the lawn a chore rather than a pleasure, you will be pleased to hear that the range of lawnmowers has increased to include much more of the excellent Mountfield range, with a number of new self propelled models specifically designed to make mowing easier. There are also a number of lawnmowers with rollers to give you a smart striped finish and leave your lawn looking like Wembley, Wimbledon or Lords! The new range also includes mulching mowers that will return a fine mulch back to the lawn for food. If you want a really healthy lush lawn you will need to invest in a scarifier or lawn raker to remove any dead thatch and moss, a spreader will also be useful to apply a consistent amount of fertilizer/seed/soil improver to the surface.

As with all items on the website all the new garden machinery is reduced below the manufacturer's rrp - now that really is a power cut we can all enjoy!

The new garden machinery range can be seen at:

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