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By Royal Appointment?

By Royal Appointment?
Posted on 29/05/10 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

Sadly, this will be my last Chelsea Flower Show post for 2010. After five fantastic (but tiring) days the show draws to a close with the traditional, frantic Saturday afternoon sell-off.

This year's Chelsea has been a real surprise for many of us who wondered if in post-recession, post-hung parliament Britain, the show might be left as a shadow of its former, colourful self. However, we needn't have worried as tickets sold out in record time and there were a number of great gardens and displays.

The eight show gardens that won gold medals were fabulous (although did the aussies put bikini-clad girls in their hot tub to hide dodgy planting or to attract the less horticultural minded of the UK's press?) and although there were no surprises the medals were well deserved. One garden which did miss out was the Naturally Norway garden designed by Darren Saines, who must have been very close to getting a gold instead of silver-gilt. In the Great Pavilion, some of my favourites included: Bowden Hostas, Burncoose Nurseries, Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants, Hippopottering Nursery, Medwyns of Anglesey, Norfield Nurseries, and Westcountry Nurseries, all winning gold.

Ethel Gloves have continued to excite the public and both the Ethel team from the USA and the Quality Garden Tools staff are thrilled by the sales and interest that Ethel Gloves is generating, even as a newcomer to the Chelsea Flower Show.

And finally...
Before I finish this posting, I can reveal that a certain royal glove wearer was spotted in front of the Ethel Gloves stand on Monday evening (see picture) - unfortunately, I cannot possibly comment on whether or not her majesty bought a pair.

Hope to see you all at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show!

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