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A Bloggers Paradise?

A Bloggers Paradise?
Posted on 13/04/10 | Posted by The Fat Gardener

In one of my previous postings I listed a group of gardening related blogs that I could recommend to keen gardeners (may I assure you that this list did not only contain blogs about garden tools!). Garden blogs are a great way to find out about other peoples gardens and how they have successfully (or not so successfully) rectified the same horticultural problems that you have encountered in your own backyard. You can also borrow (steal) lots of design & planting ideas and learn about new and interesting plants that will work in your area of the world.

Recently I found (almost by accident) a website that herds together lots of garden related blogs in one place - a garden bloggers paradise! The site is called and you can visit, read, review and generally 'nose around' loads of good (and not so good) garden blogs from around the world. Having visited the site and added The Fat Gardener's QGT Blog to the list I thought I would add to my recommendations of October last year.

The additional blogs that I think are really worth a visit are:

• Blogging from Blackpitts. James Alexander-Sinclair's seriously funny postings about the life of a garden designer/broadcaster/writer.
• Edith Hope's Garden Journal. Beautiful gardens and fascinating garden (and social) history - great writing.
• Going to the dogs. Garden writer Martyn Cox examines garden issues and news from his base in Walthamstow.
• Victoria's Backyard. The Independent journalist Victoria Summerley's fantastic and very readable blog (check out the beautiful image of her Montezuma pine on the homepage).
• The Idiot Gardener. Anonymous trials of an inexperienced gardener. Very funny with lots of mistakes and mishaps, but nothing we haven't done ourselves!
• Hot off the Press. The Bulldog Tools blog, which whilst maybe being (ever so slightly) tools biased, has some great video of garden tools being manufactured.
• Blotanical. Listing site for thousands of garden blogs. Find blogs from all around the horticultural world - including those listed above.

I hope that all of the above help keep you entertained and are a source of inspiration and/or information over the coming Spring months, but if you don't enjoy any of them why not try writing a blog yourself - it's easier than it looks (even I can do it!).

As ever, The Fat Gardener’s posts can always be read at:

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