Alan's Thoughts

Posted on 24/01/13

Everyone knows that Alan is a great writer and broadcaster of all things gardening (and of garden tools!) but did you know he also writes a regular column for the Daily Telegraph?

Some of his recent articles have included: writing diaries, choirboys and ducks! So if you want to read about the lighter side of Alan's life why not read his Telegraph articles here.

Alan Makes it Look Easy!

Posted on 20/12/12

Do TV gardeners make gardening look too easy? Alan doesn't think so!

In an article written for the Gardening Section of The Daily Telegraph, Alan states that with just a couple of hours spent in the garden or allotment twice a week, your garden can look as good as those you see on TV.

So next time you see a lovely garden on Gardener's World or Love Your Garden, with a little work you could make your own plot look as good!

Alan's Industry Commitment

Posted on 17/10/12

Alan Titchmarsh has reaffirmed his support and commitment to the Horticultural industry.

Speaking at the HTA (Horticultural Trades Association) conference dinner last week, Alan stated: 'We are all in the same business' and that he would always be on hand to help the industry if needed.

Alan was at the dinner to be awarded the HTA Pearson Memorial Medal.

Become a Gardener!

Posted on 18/07/12

Alan has called for more school leavers to consider a career in gardening rather than going to university.

In an interview with Amateur Gardening magazine he said: 'We need to see a demonstration of the fact that cultivational skills, whether it's agriculture or horticulture, are valued' and added 'It is the most rewarding and most important career on offer, bar none.'

Here at we'd like to add our support to Alan's comments and if any new or trainee gardeners need 'the tools of the trade', why not visit for every garden tool you will ever need!

New Bulldog Website

Posted on 17/04/12

Bulldog, the makers of the Alan Titchmarsh range of garden tools have just launched their brand new interactive website at:

Not only does the site feature images of all of their great British made tools, but it has really useful features like a blog, competitions, company history and videos so customers can keep up to date with what's happening at the UK's last working forge of spades and forks.

Here at we wish our friends at Bulldog Tools our best wishes and hope that the new site is a real winner.

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